Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

Repetitive x2

I agree with manfatking, it was very repetitive, and also I agree with boltfox when he said the tower upgrades cost as much as the original price. That made towers very hard to upgrade as they were so expensive. Other than that wasnt too bad of a game. Also the cannon towers were very inaccurate. Thats lame koz they cost alot to build..

Bit glitchy...

If not for the following bugs, I'd give this a 10.

You cannot upgrade your towers unless you posses the original amount it required to upgrade, even if you have enough with the discount.

Also, if you place a net and a spike pit/block, occasionally, spikes/block will hit the ground troops under the net as well as where it is siting. The traps will also glitch to new locations on the spiral map.

Other than that, and the lack of towers/levels, this is a great game. Can't wait for a sequal.

So, when is Temple Guardian 2 coming?

I love this game- the Asian theme is a nice change from the usual tower defense game. The ability to choose different layouts is also fun. I also like the ability to use barricades, nets, etc. to place directly into the path. It would be nice to have more uses for the miracles (maybe one time spell effects, or conjuring up creatures to travel up the path and fight), and a couple more varieties of tower would also be a welcome addition. The only problem I had with this game was the lack of an extensive instructions page. It would be nice to have a listing of the different enemies, towers, traps, basic strategies, and so forth. Other than that, though, this is an excellent game.

lol took me about an hour and half to compleate

on easy
without losing any lives
only thing that needs changing is more towers...
also sometimes it wouldnt let me upgrade my towers even though i had the right amount of money and them other things u needed for the scared towers..

got repetitive

i couldent play no longer because it got very repetitive and boring also this game could ue more upgrades and towers