Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

very fun

many different unique towers and monsters. challenging but fun

not good and not bad

It has its flaws and it just really isnt entertaining to me, you should try to make a game similar to that. Where you have your own army against the CPU army along with towers on the CPU's side and on your side (I hope you take my advice)

i love this game

This is one of the first TD games i ever played me and my friend got hooked.
We couldn't stop playing its kind of hard but imgot to last level then bombed it cause of lag.

nice but

around lvl 29 it starts to get rough i couldint keep up with the game.great great best defence game i have ever played.

eh ok

pretty good but the worst thing is the lose on the first escapee thing once one gets by you youve lost but if you have enough cash you should have no trouble with that
and its very helpful to upgrade your traps all the way especially the poison one
the eagle thing is cool too