Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

Good game

Is a good game but the creeps being able to dig and come up right by your temple sucks a bit.

Not bad

The game was rather fun to start with, but the noises got annoying very quickly. The sound of the walls being broken down wasn't exactly enjoyable either lol. The traps are a nice touch but the sacred towers were a bit of a let down. Since they were a bit boring. And one of the towers says it has an attack rate of 99999 or something like that... Wouldnt that be like 5000 attacks per second? LOL. Anyway... Good job with the game. The digging monsters are a pain, maybe something that stops them from digging or damages them when they do dig would be a good thing since it gets annoying when a monster disappears at the beginning then reappears right next to your temple.


coll game cool ideas but too hard

love it

i really loved the game especially the create your own map option :D good job


great i loved the whole game its fun and addictive 10 out of 10 from me now im gonna go play it again lol