Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

Spelt lightning wrong in the story section ;)

but other than that a great game


i voted 5, I believe this game has great potential, some of the items aren't very useful but, all in all I enjoyed the game.

Hope you make more games like this!


I voted this a 3, though I realy consider it a 3.5, the arrow towers, cannon towers, and the fire towers were realy quite worthless, bassicly its all about massing lightning towers to use their focused atack power.

to the players
upgrad your shrewdness asap, at lvl 3 (max) you buy and sell towers for the same price. you ALWAYS want to kill the treasure wagons, once it has passed block the way back to the entrence with a barrier once it passes early on build an arrow tower next to the barrier, later on use your chase towers. Do NOT upgrade towers, its cheaper just to make MORE towers, especialy true with chase towers.

good game

im not exactly sure whats up with all the td games just recently, but i like it. this was a pretty good game overall, you should let us build the cool dragon tower sooner though. great game. sequel maybe?

Decent Job

Basic TD game, with a new look.

Other than it being a bit two easy (add in more levels or at least release more waves at once) it was a great game!

Lightning towers for the win!!!