Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

I spent about 2 hours

Sitting here playing this game, it is incredibly addicting and fun. The diverseness in monsters made me enjoy the game twice as much because you didnt know what would bring down which creature. Everything simply came together at the end of the day, didnt it? :)

If there was one pet peeve I had with this game it would be that the creatures that recover seem to do that to fast. I could have maybe 3 towers on one of the "bat" looking monsters at a time and it could out-heal my attacks. Other than that though I couldnt stop playing.

not bad

its ok but gets old after a while but other than that it aint too bad


Great defense game. Just enough weapons to keep it constantly fun and adds a level of strategy (or maybe lessens strategy) by adding floor traps which is a nice. I just wish the weapons you do have had more than just two upgrade levels, which is the only reason I give it a 9.


why r u whining about digers i got those no prob i didnt beat the game but i was on last lvl on hard 1 hp left and god damnit 1 fire wizzy was left i just used too much money on sacred upgrades none for blocks.anyways good game but take down the fire wizzys hp by lioke 1000 plz

i can't load it but it look's fun.

it (4 me) is always a white screen i right click it and it say's Movie not loaded...

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