Reviews for "Temple Guardian"


I ran through the game on hard not knowing too much about any of the towers and I cant really say theres a lot of strategy to choosing different ones. I basically put a line of walls out and as many lightning shrines as possible (they combo off each other) and the enemies never get close to the base. The game has potential but for now, those walls make it really really really easy to beat in one try. Needs more diversity and strategy.

great game

great game lots of variety in terms of monsters , although an explanation of some of the monster abilities that weren't obvious would have been nice, lots of levels

digging monsters were annoying at first but when you get to the point where you can have tons of the blue special towers it doesn't really matter

look forward to playing the second one now


love it

the trick to geting a lot of cash is puting a poisin trap rite in front of the spawn point and the wagon guys get stuck

Extremely addicting...

and I'm not kidding! I spent enough time to beat easy and even normal (not in one sitting though), but based on the difference between those two, I'm afraid to try hard due to difficulty. ;-)


Nothing to new or interesting.

Like no offense but... it's so typical...


Highly disappointed.