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Reviews for "tae yang wedding dress"

Fucking what the fuck did I stumble onto! I know this is hella sad with the fact that you trying to say that you produced this beat with Taeyang. Song was produced by Teddy and other then reuploading the official English song by Taeyang you did not work on this song in any capacity. I initially thought this was a cover as I didn't really care for the English version of the song but after a quick YouTube search.... man this is perhaps the saddest song submission on NewGrounds.

I know your Hmong but don't be that kind of Hmong person. Stealing someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own that's just sad as an artist. You most likely won't ever see this comment since this upload is going on 8 years old, but I hope you stopped trying to pass off K-Pop music as your own and made some great original music.

Words of wisdom from another Hmong Vaj

Whaaaat this is amazing.


Good job on this. It sounds pro.
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4.38 / 5.00 (+ 0.014)

vangboi16 responds:

thanks man i appreciate that and the rating went up a bit :P

a better quality verson?

can u plz upload a better quality verson of this somewhere? plz, i have to download it !

vangboi16 responds:

sure just add me on skype i know that's the best way to send it from my computer to your computer pm me for my skype tho


Hmong people and being Korean yo T_T. I liked this though, nice vocals. Very good job on the mastering. It's not that typical asian mewzik, if u know what i mean.. lol
Props on the beat, who produced it?

vangboi16 responds:

ha yea true that but this one had to put hard work on it one of tae yangs producer did the voice vocal i did the beats pretty much and yea this one the english version theres a korean one to lol and yea it's not full asian lol it's only half