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Reviews for "Moglin Punter"


Everything except the theme of this game is good.


FINALLY!! I get to kick the living HELL out of that Moglin that just so "happens" to be popping up EVERYWHERE I seem to go. And, At least we got cake and cookies out of the deal. Kick the shit out of twilly for sugar. XD


Haha AE never stop to amaze me with their hilarious games have to give this a 10! Bravo!

P.S. Punting moglins = Alot of fun!

Warlic sent it here

He outright said that HE DID IT!!!He is and ADMIN. Not stolen...
anywho... the game has Fifty-one (51) levels, the codes for which are in the mini game section of the AQ forums. go there if you want.


i love kikin the hell out of twilly:

coz i play battleon and dragonfable alot( i also play mechquest but twilly isn't on that =[)and twilly is annoying he might heal me when i talk to him but he's still annoying(ZORBAK RULES)