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Reviews for "Moglin Punter"


it's a great flash! really liked it.

Ye gods, this is so wrong!

Funny as hell though. I've got a character on battleon and I have to say that the thought of punting moglins is tempting. Blast you for making me not resist!

Seriously, this is a simple yet fun game. Keep up the great work!

Tis real goood.

This is a fun game, a very fun game indeed. The only thing is that it gets frustrating on some of the levels, working out the angles. Very good. Bit short though. Still good.
I like kicking the little thing, though. That makes me feel happy!


I don't know a single AQ player that hasn't been waiting for this game for that past year or so.


it was AWESOME!!!!!! btw, for people who just want the reward without playing, the password is kthxHat!. you need the ! in it. the rewards are helmets of twilly, twig, and for DA owners, zorbak. they are crappy yet cool.