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Reviews for "Moglin Punter"


for gods sake people, this wasnt stolen, it says very clearly that its not stolen, a staff member sent this to here.....jeez


I finally found it.
I saw the game on the front page once and I wanted to play it again but couldn't find.
To cloudstrife98, if you give the pass you are a big fat loser and you take away all the fun for the rest of us.


To the guy before me: Other people have the right to review too. You cant expect everyone just to stop simply because you've written "KTHXHAT!".

Anyway, its a good game, I enjoyed it.

good game

ive been a ag fan since it started i dont play it anymore though i now play dragonfable.great game and for anyone who wants to know what the password is it is kthxhat! the exclamation mark is part of the password it will not work without it plz dont review after me so other people can read the password


Hello artix i think your adventure quest is the best rpg ever!even better then wow and guild wars and maplestory and gaia and trickster and dohnuts together!(and doom 3)