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Reviews for "Moglin Punter"

wot da other paswerd



the password for the shop in dragonfable is kthxhat!

i agree with Jak-Mc123

its a great game cuz i love beating up twilly! and its a great stress reliever!

seemed much of a muchness

Hrm. Odd that the links to 'battleon' don't work...

Anyways, the theme of the game was mildly amusing, but the mechanics seemed overly repetitive.

Since cookie-getting isn't scored, there's little incentive to go with that route. A few levels were interesting - mainly when we had to double back, or at the end when we had to time the punt over the puncher, but for the most part it just seemed much of a muchness. I'd have rather seen 20 or even 10 well designed levels than this.

The art was superb though and I liked the goblins, contraptions, pigs and alligator. Background art was similarly dreamy.

However, after having played through it, I feel like I just wasted y time. I kept on hoping it'd improve...


Nice job dude