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Reviews for "Moglin Punter"

Man I love this

Heh heh. Being a DF and AQ player, I know how fun punting twilly is.
What happened to Final Puntasy? Lol.
@Jumpah- See his name? danBATTLEON. Battleon is the main town in AQ.

Cmon MAN!!

Twilly doesnt deserve this lol.

great game though.


Warlic sent it here

He outright said that HE DID IT!!!He is and ADMIN. Not stolen...
anywho... the game has Fifty-one (51) levels, the codes for which are in the mini game section of the AQ forums. go there if you want.

oh my

how many levels are there, its taking me forever to get anywhere because i want to collect everything for the last level

i played it yesterday on the site and both

versions are great! punting twilly (the little red moglin with a stick) has been on the AQ fourms long before this was released.