Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"

I loved it.

This was great very simple clean humor that worked out wonderfully. Great job.

hey, neat.

well, longer, good, and I didn't notice the stage size, so I probably got used to the size you set, right? it's still too short, but I wouldn't make the following ones longer unless you make them all longer because you've set the precident. I like what you've done. this could go a lot of good directions.

EdibleCastle responds:

Thanks buddy. I'll probably be playing around with the stage dimensions in the future. Initially the first one was made with mobile phones in mind. But mp4 players are becoming more popular now and I see that many mobile phones can be turned on their sides when viewing movies for more normal viewing.


that was funny stuff! i liked it just as much as the last one, one question though, how did the door open? was it the POP! from the fake candy thing the joker had?

EdibleCastle responds:

Maybe the Edible Castle liked the Jester's joke. Also... the jester pulled out a Christmas cracker. It's a british tradition.


I was starting to doubt if there was ever going to be a sequal. well you you showed me!

I guess I am the knave.
Or am I?


I might be retarted, but i didnt get the ending. it was hilarious, but i still dont get the last part. i understand it was a "cracker" but how does that open the gate? am i thinking too far into this?

EdibleCastle responds:

hehe, yeah man. The humour is very basic.