Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"

Good Job

Nice work. Kinda funny!...lol...lmao(not)

Lookin' forward 2 more!

its great

you have a great style. godo graphics, basic but it adds to the overall feeling. i loved the jester and his "i have some crackers" and pulls out a xmas cracker. good job, but make them longer plzz [:


sweet i like the way they sound english and scottish. good concept. after all, you really can't have cheese without crackers

EdibleCastle responds:

shhhhhhh, don't tell the cops... but you CAN have cheese without the crackers. i do it all the time!

It was... wierd

The voice acting was wierd... the concept was wierd... the storyline was wierd....
But wierd is good so congrats :P


Good concept, bad voice acting in the beginning, but the voices of Ryan and the other guy fighting and the nar where very good. "IVE GOT SOME CRACKERS"!! But then the "wawawa wawa wa uh" was bad.

If you fix the voices id give you close to 10.