Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"


That was realla,realla funny. I love how you make the noises for when people are walking. The "I've got some crackers!" part was genius. Loved it, can't wait for part 3...and 4.....and 5....please?

Nice one but...

You must at least color the button so that i can play it... it tooks me many minutes to play this... Nice one dude keep up

EdibleCastle responds:

There is an obvious "Play" button to activate the cartoon. Maybe you don't have the latest version of Flash Player installed. Visit the Adobe website to download it.

love it

I love the voices, and i love the sound effects... I also love the graphics.. I love the Edible Castle...

hey not bad

hey not bad a movie dat goblin iz retarded he could just cut the cheese any way good movie keep it up bye ^_^

Crumbs of funny from a confusing loaf.

I really like some of the character design you have going there. The king is well voice-acted and funny. Conversely, some of the other characters are weak but all the voices are interesting. Even some of the animation is done well and interesting. Overall though, the story was extremely weak and I didn't get the punch-line at all.

EdibleCastle responds:

Your reviews title is the best I've seen.