Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"


it made me laugh to my self becuse of the randomness that went with it but other wise no real humor

im not sure why i liked it........hmmmmm


im not sure what the other people were smoking when they were wacthing this crap, but i thought it was the worst flash i have ever seen. if there were negitive i could put on the humor score i would have. i have never given any1 this low of a score, and i have no idea how u got on the frontpage.

EdibleCastle responds:

Geez, thanks a lot Mum :(

Bloody amazing

Simple and perfect. No more need be said Will

Look forward to more



lol thats funny stuuf man u going to make a third

EdibleCastle responds:

yes, and hopefully many more.


THAT was funny. XD Your artistic style is fantastic for a cartoon this crazy, and the voice acting and the musical scores (no other way to discribe them) just had me rolling. Great cartoon! Keep them coming! XD