Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"


But I liked it. Switch Animation could be better though...

export-gold responds:

What is switch animation?
thnx 4 the review.

Its not an original Idea.

Ive seen this somewhere before so your not the first but it was funny and I was planning on doing something similar to that myself.

export-gold responds:

Yea I made a tribute so most of the ideas are similar. Thnx 4 da review though

cool one

well, the idea is a little unoriginal as ive seen similar done before, but this one was still quite funny. using sticks in this one was pretty simple, but sometimes keeping things simple is a good thing, and it was good here.


some was funny sone was just f***** up

It was interesting

I didn't find it very funny, sorry.

The animation was pretty smooth and decent most times, but sometimes very stiff and choppy. Good attempt at a tribute though although you need to use more original ideas in my opinion.