Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"


you totally stole all (almost) all ideas from dumbass doom

it was ok...

it was too short, but still ok

From a technical point of veiw...

I hate it. The animation has absolutely no easing, is very stiff and has really bad stickfigures. Before you post on newgrounds, try actually getting good at something.

Here is what i would suggest;
Try some pivot easing tutorials, Eliminate stiffness and make much better stickfigures.

Sorry, im normally a nice person but this just reiks of new animating skill. Sorry, again.


my fav part was the part i really want with the stick figure like dancing and the dr.pepper!


This was on of the best tribute for Stickmen on crack.

This movie is smooth unlike other shit on the site that tries to rip PIVOTMASTERDX's movie.... but this wasn't a ripoff....its a MASTERPIECE!