Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"

funny movie

Stickmen On Crack is great. see it, and you will understand

i like it. its really one of a kind

very well done. i like it personally. its original in other words. one of a kind. kudos!!!

export-gold responds:

I love Kudos, lolz.... ;P


What the... you stole this from YouTube, you jerk!!!

HAHA! Just kidding!

I thought this was damn cool. You basicallt only used stick figures, a bear, a doctor pepper and an appliance here and there to make this and it was done well.

I don't see how they were on crack, though...

But the movie itself was fun to watch and you won a 5 from me.

export-gold responds:

Tank you so much, you ROCK!

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was crack up. Especialy when the titanic song keeps coming on =}....

I hope you make more of these. Cause this rocked and and I want to see another.

export-gold responds:

YAY ROXORZ!!!@@!%#!%!!

I was surprised

For a stickmen movie that was filled with Simpsons sound effects, it was accually pretty funny.
All my fives belong to this.

export-gold responds:

Great that u liked it!