Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"

I found it funny!!! LOL!!! SHIT! I'm going crazy!

i love the song in the in ... made me laugh more than some of the movie. This flash is SO Stupid... THAT its funny! and thats a good thing!!!

It was interesting

I didn't find it very funny, sorry.

The animation was pretty smooth and decent most times, but sometimes very stiff and choppy. Good attempt at a tribute though although you need to use more original ideas in my opinion.

fukin ripoff

this animation was a lousy ripoff of stick figures on crack series by pivotmaster on an unrelated website....the ideas, i assume were by pivotmaster and for someone to copy pretty much to the sound was pathetic plaguerism.

export-gold responds:

nah I told u that It was a TRIBUTE! and yes the ideas are similar but not copied. Do u call madness tributes rip offs? NO! eventhough they are all the same ? NO! why is it different here?

I fucking love this!!

lol I watch this and just started busting up laughing
Graphics-8:becuase 4 stick people they look very well done
Syle-10:Becuase Its so damn funny
Sound-10:The screams and music
Violence-10:Becuase of the killer Dr.Pepper cans
Interactivity-4:Well you dont do anything...
Humor-Random shit, Stick men, Dr. Pepper what can go wrong?


That was really funny, i loved the homer screams. The animation was pretty smooth, albeit extremely random, it was damn good. Keep up the good work :)