Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"

pretty good :)

I liked it =D

inspired by AvA

sure i can see that except your was more like selective copying on a smaller scale with worse animation and worse graphics this was pretty bad as is anyway. even if this was original it would still get a 0 from me

Nice vid once again.

Highlighting for idjits that DO NOT read comments, it was INSPIRED by AvA, not a copy...

Have people lost their ability to read nowadays?


Pretty sure you just ripped the idea off of somebody else (who did it better, I might add) so not very original. Good animation though, sorry if you were first, I'll take 5 idiot points if so.


When you said inspired by i thought you would be making a cheap knock off but this is way mor epic than it's insperation. I can't belive he trashed newgrounds.