Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"


Not as good AS AvA though.

mickykiller u reatard

awsome movie, almost as good as animator vs animation 1, but no where near 2, also mickykiller ur an idoit, there is a few things which are PARTALLY like animatiuon vs animator series BUT most are very different and if u say its copy and pasted off the background with the rest of the things u mentioned ur a disgrace, not cobra U, since obvoisly the background is the normal microsoft desktop and flash creator desktop.

Nice parody...

Hey mickykiller, don't be a retard, READ THE DESCRIPTION and you will see that this was inspired by Animator vs animation.


plagerism is illegal, this is almost exactly like animator vs. animation in every way
heres a tip make something original? you say inspired but more like copied and pasted. unless you actually got the guy's consent that you were using most of his vid then this should not be up.

Very Cool...

I loved it. Pretty much says it all