Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"

Too similar

Not sure if you heard this before, but it seems like a rip off of animation vs animator. But considering that it is almost impossible not to do something that has all ready been done, I like this a lot, you did a good job with the drawing andanimating.

cobra0528 responds:

I said that it was inspired by inspired by it in my comments


A little short, but I suppose that's to be expected. I love how you showed what happened to it at the end though, very humerous.

cobra0528 responds:


wow this was great!

my favorite part was the end where he's just floating. keep up the good work!

cobra0528 responds:


Hmmm... I noticed something about this series

You, the animator threw the first punch at it. You are the reason they fight back.

Keep fighting man.

cobra0528 responds:

Yup! Thanks!


very good but how did you make it so perfect.and nice art and I liked when he said
I'm...alive. the movie was so funney

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you! What do you mean by "so perfect"?