Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"


I liked the ending, when he goes into a black hole. I watched the third, and the second animation greeted him.

cobra0528 responds:


love it

man i love to wacth stickanimations a little too short but perfect

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Thank you

Pretty cool

No much original ideas, but it was a very good animation,. The inspiration from AvsA was obvious and its a very well done flash.

5/5 8/10

*going to watch AoA 2 and 3*

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a little big on the screen size, but the animation was smooth, the graphics awesome, and the whole time, I could tell that A vs. A I and II were inspirations 4 this. (I wish i wuz this good)

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Learn...LEARN!!!! Yeah...the size was intended for people with higher resolution. Plus I was inexperienced at the time. Thanks!


if i could i would rate this an 11 but it doesnt go that high

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Aw...too bad