Reviews for "SuperVillain II"

it was such a good dance 2

revenge is a dish best served col.....hahahahah revengsicle .....get it ....hahaha cold popsicle......hahahahaah

That was so awesome...

In my eyes, it was perfect except for the bird thing.
But that wasn't bad, just kinda... not good,
Everything else was absolutely freaking amazing.
Like... I would go on saying the specific things I liked about each part... but it all boils down to every part is freaking amazing.
The bird thing was just kinda.. too silly, or something. Too like, blunt or something in comparison to the rest.

Haha made me laugh once or twice

The whole thing over all was good but the part with the bird shooting its poop made me die... haha

Pretty Cool liked the style

That was nice i give you your props


boring....cmon man that face with the teeth and the eyes on the side of the box is so unoriginal. This is crap.

even for being random is still sucked