Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"


The only bad thing about this song is it ended. Just a awesome piece and there is no words the can explain how this song makes me feel. Thank u so much. I had to create an account just to tell u this. Thank u so much I will be looking forward to more of your music!!

T_T so good.... T_T

this thing is on loop for like... 30 minutes already. so sad D:
and yet i can't stop listening... D:

Piano Hero???

if there was ever such a game all of yours songs would be on it
Screw Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart


10/10 5/5
This song is perfect and i'm glad i got a chance to hear it. Not many songs get my review on newgrounds because i am very lazy. But this one just set me back to a peaceful relaxing place. Thanks And Keep It Up.

The Song that started it.

This is actually the first song I heard from you. It was because of this song that I started to listen to your other songs. All of them very good but this one Is my favorite. Kinda wish it was longer