Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"


perfusly entertaining. Clearly you are one of the top notch artists on newgrounds. Great song...this has to be one of my new favorite songs (not just on newgrounds, but overall one of my favorites).

MilkMan-Dan responds:

hehe I really do love this song. I'm glad it's finally gone platinum :). Thankyou for helping with that. My Regards to you.

[insert words of extreme praise here]

[insert elaboration on aforementioned words here]


To think that people used to give you zeros....I wanna shoot them. lol.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

haha... well I pulled through. With the help and recognition of people like you... it was worth all the zeros in the world.

Another good one

Hey, keep'em commin'

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Righto Captain... your wish is my command.


Man, that sound was just perfect! I know this has gotten alot of reviews (as it should be), but I just want you to know I appriciated it alot. It almost doesnt seem fair how the flash gets most of the attention on newgrounds, and many of you musical composers get left in the background. Its almost a shame, because since finding music like this, I go here more for the music than the flash! Anyways, great work man, it was amazing.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

What would be fair is if the audio portal had a way of knowing who voted for whom and what. That way zero voters could be bashed for who they really are. But as for attention... it would be nice to feature some audio submissions on the front page once and a while. :). But we can't all have it our way now can we. Thanks for the thought and review... and keep on listening there are some great artists here.


your music is so good you should publish it and take it to the next level. man you should work for final fantasy!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

... Work for final fantasy... take it to the next level. Woooo slow down there tonto. I'm a one man orchestra with nothing but a keyboard. Truly I'm sure Final Fantasy will need someone who can actually read and dictate music. :)... but thanx for the thought... I'm glad u think so.