Reviews for "Shield Defense v1.4"

Fuck yeah!

This is an awesome game! One of the best defence games ever made.

awsome game

one of the best games ive played on here


It's like Break Out / Arkanoid in polar coordinates... nice!

This game is nicely balanced and presents a good challenge, especially at higher difficulty settings.

My only criticism is that the bosses are too easy. They have a lot of hit points and fire more projectiles, but they move so slowly that you pretty much just keep your shield pointed at them, wait for a few minutes, and they're history.


Not that bad, though after like lvl 20 the game gets realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly boring... i have no idea how to get bonus points besides the 2 you get from the bosses and ive only fought like 2.... =.=...
*suggestion* get the sticky shield first, it'll help you speed the lvl faster

very awesome

really good i really loved it cant wait for 2.0