Reviews for "Shield Defense v1.4"


very good game.. nice upgrades there and its a very cool thought of a game... nice..


awesome game, lots of fun.
it gets overwelming but not too overwelming
and it has some really cool enemys

it just missing one thing, if the game had one omega tank on the last level, that would be sweet!


if this was a scale from 1 to 100,000,000,000 you would get 100,000,000,000. that's how much i like this game


The Trajectories were insane! tone it down!

Brilliant game

An awesome concept, pulled off very, very well, with a nice look and overall an excellent delivery. Even the difficulty curve is spot on!

I have nothing more to say, other than your life is not complete without this game.
Play it, you won't regret it!