Reviews for "Shield Defense v1.4"

too random

but theres a save option

Too hard

as some of the other reviewers said, there is no possible way you can dodge 3 bullets at once coming from different sides. the bullets would go straight through the shield the upgrades didn't help later in the game and they got way expensive. The tanks had too much armor later and they fired too much while their bullets got 10x's more powerful. It might help to adjust the damage and upgrade system. otherwise great concept.


I got up to level 27 then they surrounded the base and all fired at the same time no hope really. Only down side is the cost is too high for upgrades that and my improvise mous mat is a bit useless for this kinda thing.

So much potential

Not very intresting. Could add more to make this game better.

Ok concept but

but the angle of the shield of how it bounces back to enemy tanks really sucks. I thought it would be just the first level, maybe it would improve but it doesn't except threw the upgrades. and the upgrades don't effect the angle. Also because of the lack of sound i got really bored while playing. maybe some music might help?