Reviews for "Shield Defense v1.4"

Very Good

Very addictive, a little easy once you get the "sticky" paddle but still a lot of fun!!!

Pretty Dope

I just finished dominating this game. Was pretty fun. I beat it in one sitting and didn't get bored. Those of you reading this can either take that good or bad. Regardless, it was still a good game, kept me interested, and had some pretty cool ideas behind it.

Great game!

I finished it once some time ago and now I finished it again, so that should speak for outstanding re-playability since the game is quite long. Excellent game man.


I'll admit I was a little disappointed by the slow beginning, but who isn't?

It picked up fast, though, and the first boss was an OMG moment. This game is pretty unique, fun, and quite addicting! 5 and 10!


Sweet i agree this game is something that i won't get bored of