Reviews for "Speed Gaycer"


Nice disclaimer. I gave it a 5..cause Speed Racer is the shit...but your voice over was better. Nice work.

TomaMoto responds:

Awww... <3


The quality of that disclaimer raised what I voted for this. Very good quality voice acting, but the syncing was just a tad off in some places, but I know that its hard so im not gonna count off for that, unfortunately, i clicked 3 instead of four, so if this passes, ill vote again tomorrow, sorry.

TomaMoto responds:

Lol. Don't sweat it. Although I'm kind of anxious to see what kind of score this thing's gonna get.

I have heard this voice...but from somewhere else

Great job.... And yes I did vote a high score

Graphics, there not yours but thats no different from sprites...
Style, You sure did make a point about sprites and I took into mind when I voted on this.
Sound, All Clear!
Violence, was there any?
Interactivity, There was a play button....

TomaMoto responds:

I'm flattered and yes, you may have heard my voice in other flashes. I'm glad that there are several reviewers that can take this at face value and enjoy the fun. Hopefully if this works out, I won't need such a gay disclaimer at the beginning of my next fandub.

I fived this masterpiece!

But I bet the dumbasses of the portal are going to BLAM this just because it took a tiny bit too long at the warning to get started. "OMG YOU JUST INSULTED US AND MADE NO MOVIE ZOMFG BLM BLA BLAM LMAB!!!!!" And maybe some smartasses might blam it because you asked them not to. Anyways, good movie, and I hope there'll be some good reviews to mark as abusive. ;P

TomaMoto responds:

Thanks very much ^_^! A don't hope for abusive reviews though ;_;.

so gay its funny

dude that was great, so what if you didnt animate it that was still funny, and a little creepy, and realy gay lol . keep it up.

TomaMoto responds:

Thank so much!