Reviews for "Speed Gaycer"


Hey man, not sure if you even check the reviews anymore, but ive seen all your submissions, even the ones you just helped with, and i find your dubed and your solo flashes to be a heck of alot better then most of your group projects. Not trying to be offencive to anyone but just wanted you to know this, not sure if anyone else agrees with me though. 5/5 9/10

pretty fucking hilarious

That,was fucking hilarious. And even though i live in Holland and because of that i've never seen a speedracer episode (just the dextyers lab parody) i still think it's ihilarious. I think your voicework is somewhere up there with Egoraptor and Rubberninja.

Keep em comin' ^^

its ok

ok but could b better like your other movies

not bad one

that was an alright animation. a little weird overall, but a funny parody of Space Racers.

WTF? that was gr8

I loved the voiceovers and all around just the whole conversation itself was pretty funny stuff, excellent job.

TomaMoto responds:

Danke danke so much! ^_^