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Reviews for "BPO Disk"

excellent game

and to the person 2 below me... its supposed to spin to make it more difficult other wise its a piss easy game aint it...and wots da point of tht
plz tell me!

Very impresive

I defenantly think this hould be one of the 10 winners, however there are defenantly things that could be done to improve. the constant spinning got annoying, and I think you should try to come up with more ways to be mean. ex, some of the hardest parts where when it had stopped spining, but the controls where reversed. The notes where also very few. One soloution would be to create difficulty levels, just have easy still, normal what you have, and hard cover up the arrows, so you have to follow along. All in all, this is a very creative, challenging, and fun submission to the contest.

Ehm, only 9 for spinning >.<

I only have a few words, Stop, the damn, spinning, PLEASE >.< make another version with no spinning, although i don't get motion sickness, I cant, see the dang lights when its spinning so fast >.< please respond, I don't like the spinning while lights are coming, I reapeat, please, respond. Thank you.

wow, now i'm dizzy...

the 1st one was so easy. and then the 2nd one caught me off guard. Then it just became a blur... Nice music, and nice idea. can you not make it spin so fast though? it gave me a head ache...

i like the music

lol COOL, :D