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Reviews for "BPO Disk"


That's one of the best dance dance style I ever played!!!
If someone create this on a game consol like wii it will be the success garanteed!!
I give it all my 10 stars!

freaking cool!!

it was cool but it spins too much!

I liked this submission.

This submission showed a sense of originality and coolness. Sure there wasn't anything that we had not seen before, but it was organised in such a new and different way that you couldn't help, but enjoy the submission. The graphics were cool and they added another layer of goodness to this submission. For the most part, a nice submission.


Holy shit man, that thing spins TOO much, I feel so dizzy by watching it.


It was good o.o I'm dizzy now though XD it got reallly hard when that thing started spinning xD
Good game