Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys 5"

Loved It!

Fantastic animation. Just like all the rest. The story did lagg on a little though.

.....and we're bored, thats great!

.....and we're bored, thats great! Plus the reoccurring parody and hint of Cthulu! Great flash!

Super Duper!

mmmmm... lobsters.... You're a GENIUS! Now get to work on the next SciFi Guys - ya crazy kid!

nice lawnmower man reference

nice lawnmower man reference, have to say I like RAB much better so far, and these could be longer and a little crisper, but it's def in the top 10% of flashes so you still get my 10


meddling squids so cheesy but i enjoyed that lol funniest thing ever