Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

hahaha awesome

Everyone knows by now that the catholic church revolves around fucking little boys in the ass.


As a catholic, I tell you this is the whole and pure truth. Game is fun also. reallly got tired of seeing religoin hating shit, but this is great

That Was So Dumb But I Was Laughing

Hahaha. the preists are what old men really sound like.
I personally thought it was pretty funny but the game...it was awful.
When you intimidate the guys and women they just walk the other direction and dont go up-stairs or down-stairs.
It was pretty annoying.


Good realisation, love how church is mocked...

This is a fun game but..

It's a fun game that has decent graphics and high replay value. Unfortunately, there are many idiots on here that actually think this is true. If you REALLY believe that the Catholic Church is out to get little boys / girls, then you are a sad, ignorant person.