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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"


hahah i loved it

easy was kinda hard, medium was hard, and hard was hard

its a very unique game though so maybe it wasn't hard and im just not used to it

anyway i like the game really great, very original. i liked how the little boys screamed

Wow... just... wow.

Well, i'll say first off that the game gets straight 10s not for being of quality work, but rather to help balance the straight 0s.

Now I can't speak for the author here in anyway, but really. Get rReal. It's sad when you feel like you have to be in good with a church to feel 'close' or 'aligned' with god. I walk the agnostic life myself but I know that if I did choose to follow christianity again, it'd be me communicating directly with god. I don't need priests or churches to help me feel closer with whomever or whatever I worship. Honestly, I don't understand why i've seen so many people say 'I don't want to give this a good score cause I might go to hell." As religion has not been physically proven by science, it is all feelings. I don't need to be in good with the church to have the feelings. Frankly, I don't think anyone else should, either. Sorry if that came off wrong, it was the only way I knew on how to explain my thoughts.

On to the game:
Graphics: The graphics were fairly good, but really, this wasn't it's winning point.

Style: It is a bit hard to understand. it took me a bit to get into the game because I didn't understand the concept of having them using doors. That should have been covered more in the instructions. Very fresh though, nice to play something unique (If not creepy)

Sound: This was the games "winning point." The music was a very creepy sound, which honestly scared the hell out of me. Add to that the screams of the children and the witnesses.. this game will probably traumatize younger ones. Keep them away, if that isn't obvious enough.

Violence: Rape, with no blood. Nuff said

Interactivity: It caught me off guard, definently. I figured you would have control over the priests, if only minimal.

Humor: There's nothing real funny to this game, honestly. Unless you like that gritty "haha, so true" irony kind of humor. In which case, this is the equivalent of your favorite comedy movie.

A very unique game

Despite much of the contraversy that some evangelical sorts are trying to arise, this is a very interesting game which, in my opinion, doesn't go against any religion whatsoever (I shall explain this point in a second.) and that the accusations thrown at it are unfounded. First of, the humor of this game is defintely good, it takes a very extreme perception of the Catholic church and expands it to be highly amusing, but not believable. I personally can always remember what is a game and what isn't, and the authors have managed to do just that. Its a game, not a political or religious statement.

The game itself is fun to play, although quite challenging, I personally gave up when I saw that the medium difficulty had several buildings, I can micro-manage, but not that much. Also, the airlift is highly amusing, even just the description of it. This is a great piece of work and it deserves a 4/5.

lolz awesome

this game is awesome it explains all and even give examples plus i find "unconventional" humor hilarious this was making me laugh so much plus i was like "get the little tattling asshole intimidate his ass!" to funny man i am going to hell

Not too bad.

Not really a fan of pedophiles...or saving them from incarceration for that matter...but all-in-all a good game. Very creative, good graphics...as I said before though, touchy subject in my mind...still, keep up the good work.