Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

its wrong

decent point and click management, but the plot is messed up

.....Jesus Christ.

Is all I have to say XD Now I'm a atheist, but not because I hate god and stuff, it's because I just don't care. ( I do too, but my mind's sorta scrambled right now so let's just play along) I don't see how this really violates anything about newgrounds. This insults religion? Look at the fricken CRUCIFY ME JESUS cartoon! Now I now this is sick and shit for the pedo crap. But that just adds to the sick and twisted humor that I've inherited from being exposed to the mature world as a kid. (No, I was not raped. Then I'd be.....well, raped.. Complete differences between my mind._.) The violence for the screaming of the rape. and the sound for the old man's actually laughing while doing it. This would probably darken my soul. But it has already been so I give this a 8! :D

Good Game^_^

This game was neat. Not the most intertaning. But still a good game all in its self. Good Job.

Hahaha, Great.

This is what this site needs, a good ol non anime, hillarious, strangley addictive game.

Graphics: Good enough that i can tell what was going on, the priest rape animation made me laugh so you get a 10
Style: Not anime so 10
Sound: 6 since it got the point accross but you need a bit more
Violence: Swell 10
Interactivity: Creative controll scheme and idea so 10
Humour: Awesome, 20
Overall: 10, great work

you people need to learn how to read

"Control the Vatican’s anti-scandal operations. Prevent the pedopriest from being captured"

ladies and gentlemen this is how the game was described. if you came to check out this game thinking it was something else, than you're a moron. if you are offended by such things and came to check it out anyway, you are also a moron. if you would just READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTOIN you wouldn't be so surprised. no one made any of you come to look at this and you could have easily watched something else. it's as simple as that. if you are offended by this comment than i'm sorry, but too bad it's the truth.

i must say though, that i was not offended by this game. mainly more disturbed. i have 2 very young children and i was ok until i heard the child scream. that just seemed a little too over the top for me and i wasn't expecting that. but oh well, it's just a game.

i wish i could give you an overall better score but, i couldn't play the damn game! i couldn't figure out how to do what and the instructions didn't really tell me much. sorry.