Reviews for "El Aurige"




It looks like the elves are watching something magical. Like they are observing in awe of the machinations of Beings incomprehensible to the mind. I think you can see it at the top. Idk what that is or supposed to be though. Good worl.


this painting conveys a message i cant decipher

Kamikaye responds:

:) The intended message is beauty longing

Simply beautiful. This was well worth those four hours you put into it...

Dude, this is one of the most wonderful art pieces ever made! It is IMHO, at least. I was just watching fireworks outside my room. It reminded me of them! It wasn't so much that, it just made me realize the beauty of the world around us. In this picture, it looks like the heavens are pouring out! It looks like something from "Avatar".

I love the fireflies or whatever those things are. It wonderfully captures the atmosphere. There seem to be some machines in the clouds. I don't know why, but it still looks awesome! This should have gotten Daily Feature. It's just a gorgeous piece of work!