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Reviews for "leonidas wants whopper"

Awesome Game!!!

Yo, awesome game dude, i especially like the Ronald McDonald Boss Battle Music!
By the way, the Ronald McDonald bossbattle music is called Tunak Tunak!

Quite fun...

I have absolutely no idea why this is rated so low... There's so much spam garbage that manages to get thru the portal, and yet a decent game like this is currently under a score of 2.

Was challenging in parts, funny, and a good way to kill 20 minutes or so.

Nice work... shame that its so under rated


NIce maps and really funny "Sprtans tonight we die in Burger King" WTF !! lol

Great Game! Really hard bosses.

I have no clue who Leonidas is... BUT I LOVED THIS! Somehow I knew that during the time it was under judgment I'd get my protection point for giving it a 5.

McDonald wasn't THAT hard, but he was at least hard to beat. You must figure his moves and avoid damage. Colonel KFC was just too hard; he'd just spit green or white stuff to either kill you or almost along with the fact you had to remain on moving circles. But the non-boss stages were well-done to me.

The rather extensive play deserves to remain on here and at least a try.


It was ok,it'd be fun to see this game Pacman style. Instead of Pac-man, we have Leoniads head, and instead of... yellow eatable dots(?) we have burgers. Or maybe those bad guys they fight against in the movie. 300- cannibal edition?
Well, back to the game. Ok game, graphics were alright, gameplay, alright. Nothing special, but a decent game.