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Reviews for "Building Collab"

:P:P:P great :P:P:P

i'm addicted to n00bnation flashes! that wuz great 11/10 and 6/5

Little-Rena responds:

Oh okay, thanks.

That made me smile

Perhaps not so much on effort, but n00bnation flashes always have this sort of attraction to them. This collab was no different, I liked the style, the menu was well done and the sound fit with the flash. Especially mugnus' part was a pleasure to the eye. 3 out of 5, n00bnation is probably my favourite crew, as in, keep them coming :)

Little-Rena responds:

Alright, hope you don't change your mind ;)

I wanted this to be good but...

It's obvious that you and your friends rushed this.

Don't rush your art because when you do, it sucks hardcore.

Work longer on what you do. Any one of those four contributions for the collab could have been made in about an hour at the most.

It was easy to tell that you didn't put too much thought into it either.

Had the potential, but you blew it. And I feel really bad because saying that you guys are new at flash it doesn't matter. Even if you made something more to it then the flash would have been so much better.

Try again but next time try harder! :D

Little-Rena responds:

Oh yeah, I like how you think it's rushed, but some of these wheren't. Mine for example, I know I didn't rush it, so if my art sucks, well then that's because I can't draw.

Although, it's better than your art and animation.

Flash by Blackbird-Syco:
- none -



Not bad for a bunch of noobs it was actually kinda funny! Keep it up!

Little-Rena responds:

Cool :D

A very nice collab by Noobnation. :)

It was interesting to see that you guys were maing a collab about building. I never saw a more random collab then this one. This one was so random that it made my head explode. Some parts like Odyssic and Mug made me giggle a little bit. The rest like Little-Rena's and TheSoulMans was pretty random, especially Soulmans. It's great seeing you guys are still making Noobnation flashes. I am starting to get into the groove of reviewing more so I'll review new noobnation material from the portal. Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching this! Great Work fellow Noobnation members. Responses are gladly appreciated! :D


Little-Rena responds:

We are kind of lazy at the moment and haven't been making as much flash or collabs as we could. But hopefully we can end the dead period.

Thanks for the review :)