Reviews for "RienLand"


Most stuff I vote to protect on newgrounds is either well-made but unoriginal and dull, or badly animated but interseting or funny.

This was awesome. Inventive, suprising and beautifully animated. The music was cool as well.


this was really intense!! So fucking action packed, and the camera movements were amazing, the animation great. Keep it up!!

Absolutly Amazing

Never before on Newgrounds have I encountered a video sumission of this quality. The drawings were great and the animation was fluid, and completly in sync with the music. The action went with the intense parts and the slowdowns, partly because the musice selected (from "The Matrix Reloaded") was perfect for this video. It also helped that, unlike many submissions, the sound quality was simply marvelous. This video may not be as intensly violent as other submissions, or as funny, but it is simply one of the best on the site; and even the fact that there is absolutly no interactivity still does not hold this back in the slightest sense. I almost never give a 10, so here it is. This is a fantastic submission and a must-watch.

C'était et de loin...


c'est quoi donc la musique elle me dis tèèèèlement quelque chose...

enfin sérieu je suis vraiment sur le cul, cétait WOUAAAHAHAAA !

This is the best flashI ever seen, whoa you rock ! and the music was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that was awsome great graphics good sound u have alot of potential put it to somhing really super cool and blam instant hit good job :D