Reviews for "RienLand"

great job

wow loved the flash finally a flash that shows a hatred for ants

cool :D

this flash animation is really really awesome!! though erm, why is there a rooster amongst the ants? are we supposed to click it or what or is it just placed there for fun? lol :p


one of the best. lots of action and cool. like how the regulay ants or drawn, look very cute

Absolutely Incredible

That was amazing. Graphics intense, animation intense, sound intense, action intense...this movie was intense!!!
Awesome work, loved every second of it. The art was brilliant, style was unique and awesome, animation was wicked.
This movie had everything.
Genius work my friend, with the many ranges of angles and cinematic effects.
The music, although very cool, reminded me a lot of The Matrix.
Very nice!

that was freakin sweet

i loved the style and music, even though i had to use low quality. Keep up the good work, hope to see your work on the front page again!