Reviews for "RienLand"


... excellent stuff, that was, well, awesome! I mean, the "plot" was completely bizarre and didn't make much sense, but that's completely irrelevant when compared to great animation and drawings! I really liked how you mixed up different "drawing" styles and used lots of different camera angles extremely well. The pacing of the movie was also top notch, once the action begins it doesn’t let up and it goes well with the music (which, despite being a matrix-cliché song, was extremely well used).

The character’s style was also something I particularly liked, neither too stylish nor too simple, both the ants and the humans, the facial expressions being particular good. What else can I say... let me think... Oh, how about that this is going into my favourites and I'm really looking forward to your next movie! Cheers and extra kudos for a great piece of entertainment!


That was awesome! Beautiful graphics! The music is very expressive and it gets action and suspense to your music video! I love it! I didn't understand very well the story but it doesn't lose beauty and awesome work.

(Wah, purée, c'était génial! Excuse-moi pour mon anglais simpliste et un peu craignos... J'essaye de faire des efforts mais je suis jamais sûr de moi quand j'écris une critique. ^^)


I didnt understand what was happening.....ants giant screws naked mini people?!?! but hey the graphics and sound and every thing else was just amazing!


Wow.. Just, wow...

This ws a completely original twist on music videos.

Youve seriously set a new standard.

I'm guessing you heard the music, then animated for it.

In that case, it was perfect.


here's my take on the story, wrong though I assume it may be.

Futuristic ant killers; conscripted cons who have to work together to stay alive and...kill ants. This is their only "option" of parol in any way shape or form and therefore have a very short lifespan or a long life imprisoned in a dark cellar somewhere off in Timbucktu.

Nice flash, very ambiguous.

P.S. I put a 10 for interactivity because I was touching myself throughout the video.