Reviews for "RienLand"


(this review is half French/half English, because the author of this video and I are French and because everybody could understand before deleting it because you don't get it)

There is not so many french users on Newgrounds, but there, we got a MASTERPIECE!!!

You got 5/5, and you deserve at least the Daily Feature!!


C'est rare de voir des francais sur Newgrounds, mais la, c'est un CHEF D'OEUVRE!!!

5/5 pour toi, tu mérites la Daily Feature au moins!!


This was absolutely awsome, great work! I was all day rating crap and you saved my mood!! :>

Keep it up!!

Pretty Good overall, bit boring in parts.

It was pretty good yeah, enjoyed the first bit but got kinda lost, Graphics and Music were brilliant, just on pure graphics I would say this deserves front page.


Truly brilliant.
Crazy, and quite weird really, but amazingly well animated and strangley funny.


this music video is amazing the music is great the graphics great the animation great is this a re-make or somerthing of the real version 'cause I've never heard of these guys