Reviews for "RienLand"

Woah, pixleated penises

What an awsome piece!
I really liked this, music fitted perfectly!


What was up with the screw and the ant at the beginning?

Well, the graphics were nice to look at (meaning that the style they were drawn in was good) and I laughed a bit when I saw the baby humans.

Ooo that was good.

This kinda' gives off a cloverfield type of vibe when you see it and that's really the good thing. This really provided what you might call the utmost amount of graphics quality and entertainment, and on top of all that it was original. This is what you look for in a flash animation that makes it good. You got into the story like you would any story, but you stuck around for the awesomeness of it. The entertainment value was through the roof, and simply put, this was incredible. Nice work, this is something special.


well it was a fine masterpiece and i really enjoyed it

so beautiful...

Your concept is one of the best ones I've seen!
And the animation was very intense and it really fitted the music!