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Reviews for "Dr Steel's Planet X"

Loved it.

My personal favorite song from the Doctor. A worthy animation.

starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks a bunch. I am glad it is your fave! Hurrraayy!!

Great song...

I believe this was the first of the Dr's songs that I heard. It still remains my favorite. Great job with this.

starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it and long live Steel!


I was JUST listening to Dr. Steel's 'Back and Forth' when I spotted this on the portal. Great animation, very entertaining - and of course, great music choice.

Toy Soldiers unite.

The dancing earth made my day. xD Well done, sir.

starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks there! I am glad you liked the earth, it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. hehe!
:) glad you liked it!


ROFL.....Always glad to see the Doctor again! nice and fluid work all around. Commense with the World DOmination Toys ASSEMBLY LINE!!!!

starkravenmadd responds:

Gratzi, gratzi! I am so pleased this one is being enjoyed so much. There are references a-plenty to ancient astronauts and pop culture. My head was about to burst before I was done!
Hail the Doc and welcome to a brave new world!


Yes this song is fucking awesome,Dr.Steel is a genius.Well anyway,you did this really good.Your drawings are pretty good,the animation is really smooth and I already said something about the sound,it is good,really good.Good job there.I'm a big fan of the Doctor,and I just joined the Toy Soldier army.Hope you make more of these.They are just a work of art.

starkravenmadd responds:

Well! Thank you for your delightful insite and enthusiasm! I have admited on countless occasions that I am not much of an artist but the ideas flow like sweet sweet candy flavored juice and I have to answer my muses! wOOOp!
Thanks again for the view and I can not wait to put out another one!