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Reviews for "Dr Steel's Planet X"

Where are the aliens...................

The lyrics where a bit hard to understand for me as my home language is spanish. But not that bad! Anyway some subtitles would be welcome.
Graphics and style are as good as always, keep them up!
You mentioned the Antikythera mechanism as an "out of place artifact" but if you (or anybody interested) go and search the Wikipedia you'll see some nice references in the "Antikythera mechanism" article in the section "Similar devices in ancient literature"!
As the lyrics where a bit difficult to hear I could have missed the entire point of the video if this is so, somebody please, PM me. Thanks.

starkravenmadd responds:

Sorry you had a hard time understanding the lyrics but I didnt want to ruin the work with lyrics. You can check out his site for the lyrics at doctorsteel.com. I am glad you enjoyed it either way. Oh and the athikythera mech is refered to as an OOP because of its unusual gears and seemingly ahead of its time technology. :)
Thanks again!

Hail Steel!

this some more great stuff you've made
looking forward to more

starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it.


the earth doing the balerina thing was teh best of the whole. i think when ya have a hangover thats what the earth does...
earth should have had a tutu on too tho...
this flash was cool bro

starkravenmadd responds:

Haha! I certainly have had my fair share of hangovers and I can agree whole heartedly. I was going to give the earth a tutu, but somewhere I forgot. Then the monkeys appeared with tutus and I just let them have it on thier own. You know how possesive monkeys can be. Eeek! Ook! DOWN BOYS!
Thanks for the view and I am glad you liked it!

Monkeys in TUTUS!!


starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks my dear! I am so pleased you enjoyed the monkeys. They were at the suggestion of my sweetest twin sister and I am for ever in debt to her for it. :) Love you sis!


the movie was good and funny...........what i could understand of it that is. the music was at times too loud and on other times i could just not understand what he was saying. add subtitles and this movie would have gotten a 10.

starkravenmadd responds:

I was going to add subtitles but it would have obscured what I felt were important graphics and text. Sorry! Thanks for the view and review my friend. Hail Steel!