Reviews for "Tales from Mod Meat 07"

Epic brilliance.

Of all the flash I've seen on Newgrounds in the ten or so years I've been on this site, this is quite possibly the greatest thing that is in the portal. Voting anything other than five of this should result in execution, period. FIVEN.

an amazing combination of win and failure.

an epic film that rivals such cinematic feats as "Citzen Kane" and "Debbie Does Dallas".


i was listening to raidogrounds, and they mentioned this


there is nothing really to improve on except the loader, which was awesome lol

anyway keep up the good work

Well played.

The rainbow gradient tee pulled the whole production together quite nicely.

Thank You

The mods have FINALLY gotten their due.

The sound was a 0, the graphics a 0, sound a 0, Interactivity a 0, Violence a 0.

But the humor brings this to a 10.
LoL, thanks.