Reviews for "Tales from Mod Meat 07"

Amazing, simply amzing!

Awesome. I loved it!

needs work

ther are alot of problems here.

1. its just a loop over and over again

2. the animation was 2/10 it was'nt all that great

3. the graphics need alot of attention, work on that

4. the audio was good, but you didnt make it.

5. There are problems when hes crying his arm gets out of place

6. There was no story line

7. the humor is not even funny

If you work on those things your next video will be much better.

Skinhead-Ninja responds:

Europe actually stole 'Final Countdown' from ME

I...... Really.... Err.... Enjoyed it......

Yeah..... I loved the creativness of the way you drew Jason, the battle in the background, your perfect sense of good music, and your amazingly acute sense of color.... Yeah.... err.... i just need to.... err..... find my...... Knife......


Something tells me this is an inside joke...

...Yeah, I don't get it. Song rules anyway.

Best flash of the year.

I must admit this is probably the best flash I've seen this year. It has everything: Superb animation, kickass graphics, and an awesome plot.

I mean...this TOTALLY deserves front page for at least 3 more years!