Reviews for "Tales from Mod Meat 07"

Well played.

The rainbow gradient tee pulled the whole production together quite nicely.

hahaha nice concept...

Though none of you get it. Unless of course you were here. Long story short, a mod misses the train and goes emo.


I love newgrounds

Because it's free!!! :D Luv and payce and there's a chocolate cake in the oven. Come all. Let's eat.
Oh, wait... the submission? It's uh.... making me want to submit my flash animation which seemed to be popular with 5 year olds on *insert random video website here*. :D!!!!

At least 1 person got the joke

Hey, good job. If we didnt get to see things like this, how would we know what the good stuff really is. And i know we all love our creations, but take a real hard look at something and ask yourself, am I proud of this? I know my parents are not, and if I was the one who submitted this i would know how they feel to. Work at improving your animating.

Skinhead-Ninja responds:

Sorry I'm trying rly hard =(


I think this got frontpage because it had a SEPTA reference. As anybody who has lived in Philly knows, SEPTA is the public transportation system that is never on time, piss poorly scheduled, and for many, a substitute for a homeless shelter/bathroom. It is widely believed that satan himself is in charge of SEPTA. I have a feeling that Tom put this on frontpage as a joke to another philly resident.

Skinhead-Ninja responds: